Activist and pastor Jedidiah Brown attempts suicide over Facebook Live

Activist and pastor Jedidiah Brown attempted to commit suicide over Facebook Live on Sunday evening, but Chicago police were able to intervene and the situation was resolved after one-and-a-half hours.

(REUTERS / John Gress)Rush hour traffic crawls as blowing snow batters Lake Shore Drive in Chicago February 1, 2011.

According to police, 29-year-old Brown parked his car near Queen's Landing at 500 S. Lake Shore Drive around 5 pm on Sunday. He used Facebook videos to convey his anguish over the death of a relative and his activist work. He was also seen pointing a gun to his head in the said videos, DNA Info details.

"I've always loved this city and I love my family — I love everybody and I'm so sorry, but it's over, I can't recover from this," said Brown in his Facebook Live video on Sunday.

Police started arriving 10 minutes after Brown began his Facebook Live video. His phone kept on ringing as friends and other activists grew concerned over his situation.

The incident caused police to shut down traffic on Lake Shore Drive while they tried to coax him into coming out of his car. After more than an hour, the situation was finally resolved and Brown was brought to the hospital.

Activist Ja'mal Green, who tried to help Brown, said the suicide attempt was prompted by the death of a nephew that the pastor treated like a son.

Brown previously made headlines when he stormed the stage of then-U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's planned rally in Chicago. The activist, who is also a member of a group called Young Leaders, was seen yelling onstage to protest the rally. He later told NPR that he felt unsafe after attendees at the rally hurled racist insults at him.

In a statement, the Trump campaign explained that the rally was canceled because of security risks to the lives of the people in the area. Trump also slammed "professional protesters" for allegedly stirring chaos among the crowd.