Activist mysteriously disappears in Kuala Lumpur two months after pastor's abduction, in Thailand?

Another activist in Kuala Lumpur has disappeared under mysterious circumstances two months after Pastor Raymond Koh was kidnapped by several unidentified persons.

(REUTERS / Olivia Harris)The Petronas Towers are reflected in a swimming pool as the sun rises over Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 29, 2016.

Peter Chong Fook Meng, 54, a former councilor in Petaling Jaya, has been missing since Thursday. His family has already reported his disappearance to the police over the weekend, New Straits Times details.

However, Chong's Facebook post on March 31 stirred questions about his disappearance. In the post, the Kuala Lumpur activist details how he was walking outside for breakfast when a young man riding a motorcycle asked if he lived around the area.

When Chong asked for the reason why the man was asking about his place of residence, the latter said he recognized the activist as a person who participates in protests and candlelight vigils, such as the one held for Pastor Koh. This struck Chong as strange, and he noticed that there was no one else in that area when he looked around.

"He said he sokong (support) what I do. He said 'tapi mahu hati-hati ... sekarang banyak orang tiba-tiba hilang. Mereka semua tahu mana orang tinggal.' ('Be careful ... nowadays a lot of people have suddenly disappeared. They all know where people live.')," Chong continued in his Facebook post. "I asked, 'Mereka itu siapa?' ('Who are they?') He just said, 'Pandai-pandai lah (be smart) ... take care boss,' ... and rode away. Now, is this strange?"

It is worth noting that Chong had posted photos showing him attending an April 4 prayer service for Koh. He is believed to have disappeared on April 6, the day he posted his last Facebook statement.

However, several hours ago, the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, announced via a press conference that Chong seems to have gone to Thailand on April 7, adding that they have a photo of him taken in Kayu Hitam as he crossed the border.

It is yet unknown why Chong allegedly left for Thailand but police are still looking into the matter. The Inspector-General also asked him to contact his family.

Last month, The Malay Mail Online ran a story on the disappearance of a pastor and his wife. A close friend had reported them as missing on March 6, saying they have not spoken since November and that the couple cannot be contacted.

According to news firm Malaysiakini, Pastor Joshua Hilmy's close friend thought at first that the couple was just on vacation. However, he decided to report them as missing after talking to their other friends, noting that it is not normal for the pastor to not communicate with him a few times each month.

However, police said they are unable to verify if the pastor and his wife are indeed missing since the complainant cannot give them any other information related to the situation.