AMD Radeon RX 490 release date, specs rumors: GPU packs powerful specs powered by Vega 10

(AMD)The successor of the AMD Radeon RX 480 is expected to be released before 2016 ends.

AMD is keeping its technologies on par with the latest innovations of today. Its much-talked- about Radeon RX 490 graphics processing unit (GPU) is about to come out and it is said to bring about improved performance and energy-efficient features.

The AMD Radeon RX 490 graphics cards will most likely be released in the early months of next year. Speculators believe that it is one of the company's premium GPUs that is powered by Vega 10. This is aside from its energy-efficient features and second-generation HBM2, which is short for high-band memory.

VideoCardz provided a specific table about the GPU, including its memory, clocks and other pertinent features. As seen on the table, the device's base clock runs on 1,200 MHz with a memory clock of 350 MHz. Its memory size is set at 8196 MB HBM2 with 4,096-bit memory bus width and 716.8 GB/s memory bandwidth.

However, the publication posted a disclaimer that the GPU is not released yet and so the details would still be subjected to changes.

As for the release date, PCGamesN reported that Vega 10 will be released early next year as told by the company to its investors. However, the company did not mention whether the graphics card will still be utilizing a Polaris GPU or will come with a new GCN architecture.

If Radeon RX 490 will stay with its current Polaris GPU, then it highly possible that it will be released this year. Otherwise, the device will have to grace the market next year if it will feature a new GCN architecture.

Tech enthusiasts are also speculating that the name of the device itself already hints that it will still be Polaris-based after all. The number 4 reportedly pertains to fourth-generation GCN architecture while the number 9 may indicate the ninth-level of gaming, which includes 4K gaming with a memory bus of 256 bits.

However, AMD has yet to confirm the speculations and so all the details should be considered as rumors, at least for now.