Ark Encounter founder Ken Ham calls for 'New Reformation' as many Christians abandon the Bible

Ark Encounter founder and Young Earth creationist Ken Ham is calling for a new reformation as more and more Christians abandon the teachings of the Bible and reject its authority.

(REUTERS / Steve Bittenbender)Ken Ham (L) and Mark Looy, founders of Answers in Genesis, speak to the media during a tour of the 510-foot boat for the Noah's Ark attraction Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, February 20, 2016.

In an Answers in Genesis blog entry posted on New Year's Day, Ham noted that it has been 500 years since the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther put 95 complaints about unbiblical teachings on the door of a church in Germany. Now, the Ark Encounter founder is calling for new reformation to oppose man-made traditions that have replaced the Bible's authority over the church.

According to Ham, many Christians have rejected the Bible's authority and have instead turned to "man's fallible word." It is not surprising that there are also many who have welcomed abortion, gay marriage, premarital sex and other practices that the Bible is clearly against.

In light of the situation, Ham said there is a need to spark a passion in young people to explore the Bible and to fully stand with its teachings. He also urged Christian leaders to teach creation apologetics to other people, especially to children and teens, to oppose the belief in evolution.

Finally, Ham challenged parents to use biblical teachings in educating their children. He urged people to push non-Christians to find out the real reason why they have rejected the Bible and lead them to Christ.

In a statement issued ahead of Christmas Day, Ham spoke out against gay marriage and encouraged Christians to "take back the rainbow" from the LGBT movement, The Daily Mail relays.

After the Noah's Ark replica in Kentucky was lit with the colors of the rainbow, he explained that the rainbow originally symbolized God's covenant with His people and merely acceptance of the gay community.

In addition, Ham said the LGBT community's use of the rainbow has pushed many Christians to avoid using the seven colors. He said the rainbow was not created to stand for freedom, pride, love or the LGBT movement, and Christian parents must teach young people about the covenant that it truly symbolizes.

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