Billy Graham talks about one sin that God cannot forgive

God can completely forgive man for his sins if he repents and turns to Him, but there is one sin that He cannot forgive, according to renowned evangelist Billy Graham.

(REUTERS / Billy Graham Evangelistic Association / Handout via Reuters)Billy Graham is pictured during a celebration for his 95th birthday in Asheville, North Carolina, in this November 7, 2013 handout photo provided by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In a question-and-answer column on the Bowling Green Daily News on May 12, a reader known by the name "N.G." asked how big a sin should be for God to not forgive it. The reader expressed fear that he has crossed the line because he has committed a lot of bad things that have hurt many people.

In response to the question, Rev. Graham told N.G. that the only sin that God cannot forgive is the sin of rejecting His forgiveness. The evangelist assured the reader that the Lord loves him no matter what he has done and that He offers complete forgiveness as long as he repents and turns to God.

Graham went on to explain that God's forgiveness is often difficult to accept for some people because they have a hard time forgiving those who have hurt them deeply. However, God wants people to realize the wrong that they have done and turn to Him in faith even though He was deeply offended by people's sins.

In addition, Graham emphasized the gravity of God's love and forgiveness by reminding the reader that He sent His only Son to die for humankind's sins. Therefore, man does not need to continue bearing the burden of sin because 1 John 1:9 promises that God will forgive and purify a person who has confessed his sins.

In a blog entry published on April 11, Patheos discusses in detail the sin that God cannot forgive. Matthew 12:31-32 reminds Christians that "every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven" either in this lifetime or in the afterlife.

The publication said the passage in Matthew should be troubling because it presents a different entity than the forgiving God who sacrificed His son Jesus for the forgiveness of people's sins. It further explained that Jesus was talking about the willful rejection of the Holy Spirit by closing the door to God's forgiveness. This act, which is not done in ignorance, is a rejection of God's love which is brought to the world by the Holy Spirit.