Bono tells young Christian artists to 'be brutally honest' in their music

U2 frontman Bono thinks a lot of young Christian artists are "trapped" and are not really using their music to reflect the real events in their lives, so he wants them to be truly honest when it comes to their art.

(REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch)U2 frontman Bono sings during the Bambi 2014 media awards ceremony in Berlin November 13, 2014.

In an interview with Fuller Studio, Bono talked about how faith interacts with Christian art. U2's singer, who spent several years reading poetry in the biblical book of Psalms, came to the realization that honesty is a must when creating art, The Huffington Post relays.

Bono is hoping that their discussion will help "unlock" artists who he thinks are trapped into the pressure of not giving a wrong impression of themselves to the public. He said a great song that pleases God should contain honest expression of an artist's experiences.

"I want to argue the case for artists or potential artists who might be listening in on our conversation and are not giving expression to what's really going on in their lives because they feel it will give the wrong impression of them. We don't have to please God in any other way than to be brutally honest," Bono told Fuller Studio in the interview. "That is the root not only to a relationship with God but the root to a great song. That's the only place you can find a great song. The only place you can find any work of art, of merit."

Aside from that, Bono addressed the labeling of music as either Christian or not Christian. The U2 singer said such labels are not needed in every song, and that a song should not be seen as something that is not spiritual just because it is not classified as Christian.

Bono said what he wants to hear are songs about artists' rage at ongoing injustice, marriage woes, and other topics that would spur people into action. He added that musicians should create art not merely to please others.

This is not the first time that Bono has touched the topic of Christian faith in his interviews. Speaking to Focus on the Family in 2013, he said losing his mother at an early age left a void which he filled with music and also strengthened his faith, Christianity Today reports.

Moreover, Bono also talked about honesty in music and how much King David's Psalms meant to him. Taking into consideration the Blues that are incorporated into the Psalms, the U2 frontman said Christians should be honest with God because He is more interested in who a person really is rather than who that person wants to be.