Chinese activist jailed for defending Christians needs urgent medical help after being beaten even while miscarrying

A Chinese activist who was imprisoned for defending Christian human rights has contracted cancer after she was beaten even while she was miscarrying. She now needs urgent medical treatment.

(REUTERS / Alex Lee)A Chinese national flag flutters on the Pearl River near a construction site in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, March 27, 2014.

Huang Yan, 47, was detained in Shunde Detention Center in Guangdong in November 2015 over allegations of "deliberately disseminating terrorist information" and was formally arrested the following month for "obstructing public duties." The Christian rights activist, who survived torture and had expressed support for rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, was not allowed to undergo treatment for her spreading ovarian cancer, Radio Free Asia reported in June last year.

During her incarceration, Huang was taken to a military police hospital for treatment. She was restrained with heavy shackles weighing 23 pounds and 15 pounds, causing her ankles to bleed and waste away. She was also forced to ingest a drug and the staff subjected her to 12 ultrasounds within just four days, China Aid details.

Officials with the public security bureau beat Huang in 2010 and 2012, and she miscarried during both times. The two miscarriages reportedly led to her contracting ovarian cancer.

According to Huang, the medical staff in the hospital may have been pressured by the government into denying her treatment because of her ties with high-profile Christians and human rights defenders.

Wu Guisheng, Huang's husband, told RFA that she was receiving very poor treatment in the police hospital. Her lawyer Liu Zhengqing said authorities had also confiscated her medication for diabetes.

"The doctors wanted to carry out surgery, but she is too afraid to have it done in the police hospital," Wu told RFA in an interview. "She wants to wait to find out when she will be tried, but her lawyer can't get any response on that."

As of now, Huang is in a safe place and is seeking approval for her medical visa application in Taiwan. However, she still needs financial assistance for the urgent medical procedure she has to undergo. China Aid is receiving emergency donations for the Chinese Christian activist's medical needs.

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