Chinese church conducts matchmaking programs for single Christians

A church in Beijing, China, is conducting matchmaking programs every weekend to help single Christians find their perfect match and meet their true love.

(REUTERS / Claro Cortes IV/Files)A young Chinese couple share a mobile phone at a park in Shanghai. March 14, 2002.

Singles in China are often pressured by their relatives into marriage, with some telling them how important it is to make sure that their blood line is continued. The pressure has led some people to hire fake girlfriends and boyfriends just to have someone to introduce to their parents, Fortune detailed.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, An Hua church leader Han Yan explained that they want to help single Christians find their true love because that is what they deserve. Their church organizes big events on Saturdays in which young singles are required to look for Bible verses hidden in parks' bushes and get involved in team games that help them get acquainted with other people.

"God called us to be in relationships with one another. Our church is like a family. We want to help them find the right ones who are also part of our Christian network," Han told CBN. "We have many unmarried amazing brothers and sisters. They deserve to marry the right people. That's what motivated us to plan such huge event."

Other churches in Beijing have also followed suit since 2012 and have helped many single Christians meet their God-given partners through prayer and the fun games. Lv Tie Yang, spent eight years being single before he met his future wife JiXiang Chun in one of these programs.

Lv shared that his past disappointments made him start to believe that he was destined to be single, but church leaders urged him to be patient and faithful. According to the church leaders, people have the tendency to compromise their values when they fall into disappointment. They also explained that Christians need know that God is in control of their situation.

Church leaders in Beijing are also hoping that more people, including non-Christians, will join their activities so that they will learn that God should be the center of all relationships. They also want the singles to know that they will be able to find their destined partner if they wait for God's will.