Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi reveals miraculous healing of stage 4 cancer

Christian apologist and author Nabeel Qureshi has revealed that God is miraculously healing him of stage four stomach cancer a few months after announcing his diagnosis and poor prognosis.

(Wikimedia Commons/Tburnham23)Author and speaker Nabeel Qureshi. April 18, 2016.

On Thursday, the Muslim-turned-Christian apologist posted a video update on Facebook sharing the findings of his latest PET Scan. Qureshi revealed that the primary mass of the tumor in his stomach was gone but said he is still not out of the woods because his stomach wall is still cancerous, The Christian Post relays.

"The scan came back and the impression was what has happened has been remarkable," said Qureshi in his video. "The primary mass of the tumor, what was in my stomach, is now gone."

Qureshi also shared that one "concerning" lymph node has decreased in size and glucose uptake but is still to be watched out for because it is still "actively cancerous." He summarized the findings by saying some things have been completely healed while the others have only been partially healed, but he believes God is leading him through a two-step healing process.

"The first verse that came to my mind when I saw the scan results, that is the section starting in Mark 8:22, which talks about a blind man who is brought to Jesus and Jesus spits on his eyes and says, 'Can you seen anything?' And the blind man says, 'I see people, like trees, walking around,'" Qureshi said. "Then Jesus finishes his healing after laying hands on him and the man looks around and he is able to see everything clearly."

In a video posted on September, Qureshi said he only had 4 percent chance of surviving the next five years. He said the cancer diagnosis surprised him and his doctors, as they believed that the indigestion issues he was having were only minor.

The Christian apologist began experiencing indigestion in December, but he only took Tums to deal with the problem. He only sought medical help when his stomach issue worsened in the next few months, the Post relays.

As of now, Qureshi is rejoicing in the disappearance of the tumor, but he also emphasized the need to go on praying and fasting to ask the Lord for healing.