Christian claims Muslim teens attacked him on Sydney train

A Christian man says a group of Muslim teenagers, who appeared to be Middle Eastern, attacked him while he was on a Sydney train and ripped off his silver crucifix.

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Mike, who did not want to reveal his last name, said he and his girlfriend hopped aboard a train between Campsie and Bankstown on Tuesday afternoon when five Muslim teenagers attacked them. The 30-year-old Christian said the assailants pushed him into a seat, wrecked his sunglasses, and ripped off his Greek Orthodox necklace, The Daily Mail details.

"They ripped the cross off me, threw it to the ground, they said 'f*** Jesus, and then said they said 'Allah' after that," Mike told the Daily Mail Australia.

In addition, Mike said two female teens who appeared to be Arabic had hit his girlfriend. He expressed fear for the next victim of such an attack and said the incident had caused him to avoid wearing a crucifix in public.

"I'm too traumatised now, actually. Too many people are too scared to do anything about it," said Mike. "It's not just an attack on me, it's an attack on what I believe in and every Christian out there is getting attacked as well."

Baptist minister Rev. George Capsis said similar attacks on Christians have been occurring in Sydney. He cautioned against blaming it on all Muslims but said there are younger ones who tend to act this way.

Meanwhile, Mike said there were five "Transport Officers" present during the attack but did not help him. Police, however, recorded the names of three of the alleged attackers and took down Mike's statement when they disembarked at Bankstown, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The police officers told Mike that they would review surveillance footage from the Sydney train. They also said he might receive a letter within the month which may require his court appearance.