Christian contemporary artist Lauren Daigle bags Grammy nomination for 'Trust in You'

Christian contemporary artist Lauren Daigle has bagged her second-ever Grammy nomination for her single "Trust in You," which was taken from her 2015 debut album "How Can It Be."

(WIKIMEDIA COMMON / Atl152)Lauren Daigle leading in the college environment of North Point Ministries. 26 January 2015.

Daigle performed her Grammy-nominated single "Trust in You" when she appeared as a guest on an episode of ABC's "Good Morning America" in December. She led the show's hosts in worship in the middle of Times Square to honor God with her performance, The Christian Post reports.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Daigle shared her feelings about "Trust in You" being nominated for a Grammy for best contemporary Christian performance/song. She also talked about her aim to reverse people's misconceptions about modern Christian music.

Ironically, Daigle said she was initially reluctant to put "Trust in You" on the record since she did not really like it that much. However, she started to get a lot of positive feedback about sick people finding inspiration through her song, and that was when she appreciated it.

The 25-year-old singer said she does not want other people to think that Christian artists are judgmental or that they know better than others. Daigle also revealed that she initially did not want to enter the Christian music industry, but said God led her into it anyway.

When she was still 15, she fell sick and had to stay at home for two years. She started dreaming and having visions about her music career and about receiving awards including the Grammys. The young singer first thought that she was losing my mind, but she later thought that if it was God's will for her to enter that industry, then He will make a way to break her out of her sickness and pave the way for that dream to come true. Opportunities started opening up for her little by little.

"When I was sick, I told God, 'Whatever you do don't send me to Christian music, I don't want to be associated with any of that,'" Daigle told Billboard. "Of course, that's where I land. He had to show me more of what I actually cared about, through the process."

While Daigle is enjoying her success in the field of contemporary Christian music, she also wants to expand into other genres. 

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