Christian film 'I'm Not Ashamed' draws flak from atheists

The faith-based film "I'm Not Ashamed," which tells the story of the first victim killed in the Columbine massacre on Apr. 20, 1999, has drawn flak from atheists who object to the portrayal of Rachel Joy Scott as a Christian martyr.

(Wikimedia Commons/Qqqqqq)Hope Columbine Memorial Library at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. August 24, 2008.

Atheists have raised objection to a scene in "I'm Not Ashamed," which shows her having a conversation with the shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, saying official police reports do not reflect the conversation, The Hollywood Reporter details.

"It is shameful that they are framing the entire premise of this movie around allegations that do not have any evidence to support them," says of the film. "The accounts of that day, actually, directly contradict them."

In the said scene, the two killers approach Scott while she is having lunch with her friend Richard Castaldo on a lawn in the campus before shooting them several times.

"Well, Rachel, where's your god now?" Harris asks Scott in the movie.

"What would Jesus do?" says Klebold.

"Do you still believe in God?" said Harris.

"You know I do," was Scott's reply.

"Then go be with him," says Harris before shooting Scott again.

It is worth noting that the controversial scene in "I'm Not Ashamed" is based on the testimony of Castaldo, the only surviving witness in the Columbine massacre. He was reportedly still in a coma when police gathered evidence related to the case. It was only when he surfaced from the coma that he told his mother about what he heard before the killers took the final shot that finished his friend's life.

Meanwhile, Sadie Robertson, who portrays Scott in "I'm Not Ashamed," told The Christian Post that her character is something that young people can draw inspiration from. She said many people worry so much about what people will say about them so they refuse to stand up for their beliefs. Robertson also expressed admiration for Scott's courage in giving her life for what she believed in.

"I'm Not Ashamed" hits theaters nationwide on Oct. 21.