Christian ministries to raise $100,000 for security upgrade of Jewish community center after bomb threats

Several evangelical Christian ministries and major churches have announced their plan to raise $100,000 for the security system improvement of a local Jewish community center in Birmingham, Alabama, as four bomb threats have been made to the center this year alone.

(REUTERS / Marvin Gentry)A general view of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, August 9, 2011.

Earlier this month, the Levite Jewish Community Center in Birmingham hosted a town hall to talk about security issues in light of a string of threats against similar centers all over the country. After three bomb threats in the last few months, a Birmingham Police patrol car was stationed at the establishment's main entrance, while a Jefferson County Sheriff's Office mobile surveillance unit was parked nearby, WIAT 42 reports.

Rebekah Weinberger, whose two children go to school at LJCC, said she never thought that her kids would have to deal with such a situation at a young age. Although parents trust the administrators, they admit that the recent incidents have sparked worry among them.

The fourth bomb threat to the center was made the morning after the town hall was held.

On Monday, Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association founder Scott Dawson told that raising $100,000 for the LJCC is the right thing to do for them. However, local Jewish leaders told him that the cost of the security upgrades could reach $1 million, so they hope more help would come through for them.

"We want to help in any way we can. It just seems like the right thing to do. I think we can raise $100,000. I'm trying to get pastors to take up an offering to help them," Dawson told He adds, "We all want to live in safety and have freedom for everybody to exercise their faith."

Other ministries that have pledged to help raise money for the center's security upgrade include The Center for Executive Leadership, Lifework Leadership, Young Business Leaders, JH Ranch, the National Christian Foundation of Alabama, and Alliance Ministries.

Those who want to donate for the Jewish center's security improvement can issue checks payable to NCF/Alabama and send these to 400 Office Park Drive Birmingham, AL 352223. They can also donate online using their credit cards.