Christian pastor dies after gunmen attack Lagos church

A Christian pastor in Lagos, Nigeria, died while praying when assailants stormed his church at dawn, stabbed him, and left without taking anything from the place.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Fin Fahey)Christ Apostolic Church, Hackney. 21 February 2006.

On May 30, four unidentified assailants barged into the Christ Apostolic Church, Sanctuary of Blessing in the Iju Ishaga area in Lagos at 3 a.m. They did not take anything with them but the 56-year-old senior pastor was stabbed to death, details.

Olasunbo Olayinka, the pastor's wife, said the attackers escaped by climbing over the church's fence. The Punch said the pastor was rushed to a private hospital then referred to the Lagos state Teaching Hospital, but he was pronounced dead there.

Olayinka said they were asleep when the armed attackers burst into the church, and they were also unable to see clearly because there was a power outage. She heard her husband, who woke up first, saying "In Jesus name" at that time but she was unaware that he had already been stabbed.

"They left by scaling the church's fence. I saw that my husband had become weak. That was when I knew that they had stabbed him. There was a lot of blood in the room," Olayinka shared. "They didn't take anything. Up till now, I can't say who they are and why they did what they did. He had a lot of ministerial assignments in June, which will now be on hold. It is painful."

According to the version of a nurse named Amah Eze, who shared the story on Facebook, the attackers were fleeing from a robbery when they entered the church. She added that the pastor was ringing the bell for the midnight prayers and that the thieves encountered him while he was praying.

Meanwhile, a Christian village in northern Nigeria has been attacked by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in an ethnic and religious cleansing. They could not even collect the dead bodies because those who have tried to do so were either shot or hacked to death, Vanguard reports.

Each week, the Fulani herdsmen reportedly launch more attacks, destroy churches, and drive away people occupying the Plateau and Kaduna states. A young woman witnessed her family being slaughtered and lamented at how some in the international community saw their situation as a tale of revenge and not a "one-sided slaughter."