Christian pastor jailed in Nigeria over his faith preaches Gospel to cellmates

A Christian pastor who was shunned by his family and was jailed for rejecting Islam has become a channel of salvation for others even in his time of incarceration by sharing the Gospel to his cellmates and converting them to his faith.

(REUTERS / Adama Diarra)Cattle herder Boubacar Demba and his children tend to their cattle in Guana, outside Bamako, Mali, November 5, 2016.

Bulus (not his real name) lived the typical life of the Muslim Fulani herdsmen until he reached his mid-twenties and encountered Christians who visited their village for an outreach. He accepted the Christian faith after hearing the Gospel, but his family disowned and threatened to kill him when he refused to heed their instruction to renounce his newfound faith, Open Doors USA detailed.

The young Christian fled to Jos to start a new life and embarked on theological training for four years. After completing the course, he decided to go home and reconcile with his family, as he had learned to forgive them for what they did to him.

However, Bulus' family did not share the same desire to be reunited with him, and their hatred had increased after they learned that he was now a pastor. His relatives beat him up and reported him to the police with the false accusation of stealing their goats. Even though there was no evidence against him, he was later thrown into a crowded jail.

Despite his deplorable situation, Bulus saw the parallelism of his experience with that of Joseph, the Bible character whose bad experiences were used by God for His good purpose. He started sharing the Gospel to his cellmates, even though some of them did not like his message.

Bulus is still in jail for the false accusations against him, but Open Doors visited him recently and found that a lot of the prisoners there had accepted Christ because of him. The organization has also provided a lawyer for him and they are working hard so that his case will be heard in a secular and not in Sharia court.

Meanwhile, in Tudun Wada in the northern state of Kano, World Watch Monitor said that a father and son were shot dead by Muslim extremists. The attackers also abducted three women and a baby, Christian Today reported.

The victims of the attack were identified as 62-year-old Christian resident Dankali and his 20-year-old son Micah Kale. Their widows were able to flee the place together with their children.