Ex-megachurch pastor Perry Noble's new book on dating temporarily shelved by publisher

Tyndale House Publishers, a Christian publishing company, has temporarily stopped the scheduled release of a book by former New Spring Church pastor Perry Noble. 

The book titled "11 1/2 Questions to Help You Date without Regrets," was set to be released to the public on Sept. 27 but is now shelved by its publisher.

(Reuters/Toby Melville)An employee holds books as she poses for photographers in a bookshop.

According to the spokesperson of Tyndale House, the company will be designating the status of the former pastor's book as "unscheduled."

"We plan to review this status at a future date and then evaluate the viability of releasing this book at another time," said publicist Margie Watterson in an email, as quoted by the Christian Post. However, she indicated that there is no scheduled date for the evaluation as well.

Despite this announcement, the book is still tagged as "Coming Soon" on the official website of Tyndale. Amazon also is still accepting preorders for the book, which is still listed for a September release.

The Tyndale website describes the dating book, "We live in a culture that doesn't see dating as a big deal. Dating is just what you do on the weekend so you don't have to binge-watch shows on Netflix. Popular speaker and pastor Perry Noble knows better,"

"How you date and whom you date can literally change the course of your life ... This book is written around the eleven questions that can transform your perspective on dating — and a 'half' question that people should be asking but are not," the description adds.

Noble was recently terminated from his job as a pastor for alcohol addition, among other "unfortunate choices and decisions." On July 11, the New Spring Church board of directors made the "difficult and painful decision" of firing Noble. According to the church's executive pastor, Shane Duffey, the board members have repeatedly approached Noble about his alcohol addiction and his attitude toward his marriage but they were unheeded.