Christians miraculously saved by lions from Islamic militants

A Christian pastor ministering to more than 3,000 converts in Asia, Africa and the Middle East has testified how he and other believers were miraculously saved from murderous Islamic militants by lions.

REUTERS / Muhammad Hamed
Simba the lion, one of two surviving animals in Mosul's zoo, along with Lola the bear, is seen at an enclosure in the shelter after arriving to an animal rehabilitation shelter in Jordan, April 11, 2017.

Bibles for Mideast director Pastor Paul Ciniraj recalled how he was able to baptize a lot of people after the Assembly of Loving God Church fasted and prayed from March 13 to April 2. After one early-morning baptism in an undisclosed location, militants suddenly appeared and stoned the pastor and his companions.

Pastor Ciniraj sustained serious head injuries which required surgery. The Islamic militants who attacked them found out that he was in a certain hospital and planned to kill him. The local Christians moved him to Pastor Ayyoob's house located in the forest, where he stayed for three weeks to recuperate.

On Easter Sunday, Pastor Ayyoob was leading a worship service at the house when militants wielding steel bars and other weapons arrived. Thinking that they were going to be killed that day, the children with them began crying, but the believers continued to cry out to Jesus.

Out of nowhere, a lion from the forest entered the scene and jumped on the militants. The animal seized one of the attackers by the neck. Two other lions leapt at other militants who tried to attack the first lion, and the incident caused the assailants to flee.

Pastor Ciniraj was amazed that the lions did not harm them and noted with equal amazement that there were no lions living in that area.

In February, Pastor Ciniraj shared another miraculous incident which happened in a country in North Africa. A 14-year-old girl who slipped under a coma after being mutilated by Muslims suddenly got up and went home after two doctors had already declared her dead.

An hour after the girl was declared dead, workers came in to remove her body but stopped when they noticed that the cloth covering her was shaking. Suddenly, the girl threw off the fabric and exclaimed that Jesus Christ healed her and gave back her life.