Christians urge love for Muslim neighbors amid fears after Trump's election

Christians in America are urging their co-believers to show love to their Muslim neighbors amid fears of being harmed after the victory of President-elect Donald Trump who had voiced out suspicions on Muslim refugees and American Muslims.

(Reuters/Lori Shepler)Muslim women kneel for the prayer service at the Women's Mosque of America in downtown Los Angeles, California, January 30, 2015.

In an op-ed piece for The Christian Post, Jason Clarke shares how an Iraqi Muslim colleague who came to the United States as a war refugee asked if he could still go to a church to meet him for coffee one day. The incident revealed the repercussion of Trump's electoral victory on the Muslim community in America.

In response to his friend's query, Clarke said their meeting place was safe and that his Muslim colleague was protected by the people at the place and by the U.S. laws. The co-worker later revealed that his wife had been driven to tears by the fear that sending their children to school and wearing a hijab in public may trigger something bad.

While Trump's victory became a source of hope for many, it had caused many Muslim refugees to refrain from sending their kids to school the day after the election. All of a sudden, their life of fear and suspicion in Iraq seemed to happen all over again in America. There are fears that something may happen to those who do not fit into the "White, Christian, Republican mold," said Clarke.

For instance, Muslim leaders in Southern California had received a letter threatening that Trump will do the same thing to them that Hitler did to the Jews. The letters were all signed by "Americans for a Better Way." The incident has caused the San Jose police to launch an investigation into the matter, the San Francisco Gate reports.

In light of the situation, Clarke is calling on his co-believers to not let fear and suspicion rule their lives. He then urged them to make their Muslim neighbors see and feel the love that Jesus Christ has taught.