'Counting On' star Ben Seewald cautions Christians against false god concept portrayed in 'The Shack'

"Counting On" star Ben Seewald has warned his Christian followers on social media that the movie "The Shack," in which Octavia Spencer portrays God the Father, presents a false concept of God which could be planted into viewers' minds.

(REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)Actress Octavia Spencer.

In a video posted on Instagram, Seewald urged his followers to click on a certain link which leads to Dr. Michael Youssef's article on the Leading The Way ministry website. The 21-year-old reality star proceeded to talk about the false God presented in "The Shack," which he said is not aligned with the God revealed in the Bible, The Christian Post relays.

"There is a God presented to us in 'The Shack' — a false god. A god of human imagination that directly contradicts--this idea of God directly contradicts a God who reveals himself speaking of Himself in His Word," said Seewald in a video posted on his Instagram account. "There's going to be a lot of people unfortunately walking out that theater with a false idea of God. Don't let it be you."

Dr. Youssef's article titled "Six Major Problems with The Shack," which was published on Feb. 24, examines the ways that William P. Young's best-selling book clashes with the teachings of the Bible. The article also points out that the book suggests that Jesus is not the only way to salvation and that God will never judge people's sins because "He is limited by His love."

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler Jr. has also expressed concern over the concept of God presented by "The Shack." In a podcast episode on March 8, he slammed the faith-based film by calling it a "theological disaster" and warned Christians to evaluate the movie using Christian standards.

Mohler acknowledged that "The Shack" is a story of fiction but said Christians should judge it against the biblical standards for truth and righteousness. He also previously told Baptist Press that the depiction of the Holy Trinity in the movie is unbiblical.

Moreover, Mohler reminded Christians that any false portrayal of God is idolatry. However, he lamented that the concept becomes attractive to people when it is presented to the public using the creative powers of Hollywood.

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