Disgraced NewSpring pastor Perry Noble returns to ministry at Elevation Church

Megachurch founder and pastor Perry Noble, who was fired from NewSpring Church in July 2016 over alcoholism issues, once again preached at the pulpit at Elevation Church during the past weekend.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Jaybowser13)Elevation Church Ballantyne location. 9 September 2016.

Noble earlier answered questions on whether he is returning too soon to his ministry after struggling with alcohol dependency. He cited the examples of Apostles Peter and Paul, who also committed major  mistakes but still became instrumental in spreading the Gospel afterwards.

The embattled pastor revealed that he is moving forward and will concentrate on being a church and business consultant. He said the church he planted, New Spring, is a great establishment and that he believes God taught him a lot of things during the 16 years he was with that congregation. He also said the lessons he learned could be used to advance the ministry in the future.

Pastor Noble's appearance at the 11th year anniversary celebration of Elevation Church came as a surprise, considering that he shot down concerns that he was returning to his ministry "too soon" a few weeks ago. He posted a message on Twitter, thanking the church's pastor Steven Furtick for allowing him the preach that night, The Christian Post relays.

"Thank you @stevenfurtick for allowing me the honor of preaching at Elevation tonight - cannot wait to do it again tomorrow!!" Pastor Noble said on Twitter.

In a Facebook post, Noble explained that he was honored with the opportunity to return to the pulpit after he thought that he would never be able to preach again because of his personal woes. He also praised Furtick for having his back and for encouraging him during his dark times.

For Noble, preaching at Elevation Church was like Jesus bringing a dead person back to life. He then encouraged other people to believe that God still has greater plans for them even when they think that they "are bit dead."

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