'Doctor Strange' opens door to demonic occult deception, Christian film critic says

Marvel's movie "Doctor Strange" may appeal to a lot of fans, but a Christian film critic has denounced the movie for opening doors to black arts of the occult.

(Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)Cast member Benedict Cumberbatch (2nd L) walks by co-stars (L-R) Benjamin Bratt, Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton and Rachel McAdams at the premiere of ''Doctor Strange'' in Hollywood, California U.S.A., October 20, 2016.

In a recent press release, Christian Film & Television Commission chair Dr. Ted Baehr slammed "Doctor Strange" for introducing its viewers to a life in the occult, saying the practices depicted in the movie are against the teachings of the Bible. The Christian film critic also slammed the Marvel Studios film's concept in the possible absence of the afterlife, Cinema Blend (CB) relays.

"[Doctor Strange is] a dangerous introduction to demonic occult deception. ... The Bible clearly warns against the kind of occult practices and sorcery the hero in this movie learns to do, in Deuteronomy 18:9–12 and Galatians 5:20," Dr. Baehr said. "Also in the movie, the hero's New Age, occult guru teaches there may be no afterlife, that death is truly the end, and that this is a good thing."

CB notes that "Doctor Strange" definitely contradicts the Bible's teachings against witches and wizards. The publication also acknowledges that the film's plotline involving idolatry, sorcery, jealousy, and dissensions further puts it below the standard of practicing Christians.

In "Doctor Strange," actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of a New York doctor whose rational view of reality crumbles when he stumbles upon Tilda Swinton's order of Tibetan monks. In his journey, he learns that there is a cosmic battle between good and evil forces and that he is free to decide which side he will take.

Meanwhile, Christian Today (CT) predicts that atheists are going to hate "Doctor Strange" because it presents a dark disposition for the faithless. In the movie, Cumberbatch's character chooses to side with the light. Christian director Scott Derrickson also attempts to present the story of Jesus, who came to the world as a selfless servant who defeated death and achieved victory over his enemy.

For CB, the Marvel film could have been a good source of lessons in humility, submission, and surrender. However, the publication says it is such a shame that the occult theme of "Doctor Strange" clashes with Biblical teachings.