Evolution is a religion, says Ken Ham

People's confusion over the origin of the universe is actually a battle between the religion of evolution and of the Bible, according to renowned Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham.

(REUTERS / Steve Bittenbender)Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, speaks to the media during a tour of the 510-foot boat for the Noah's Ark attraction Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, February 20, 2016.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Ham said creationists believe in both science and the Bible because they use observational science to confirm the teachings of God's word. He also said evolutionists' beliefs are at odds with the creationists.

Ham explained that there is a dispute between historical science and history according to God's word. He cited as an example the scientists featured in the movie "Is Genesis History?" who demonstrate observational science's confirmation of the Bible's version of history.

"So it's really a battle between two religions. Evolution, that's a religion," Ham told the Post. "It's really the pagan religion of this age to explain life without God. There's always been a battle of two religions since the beginning."

Ham attended the premiere screening of "Is Genesis History?" at The Creation Museum on Tuesday night. Although he is not featured in the movie, he expressed support for its message about evidence that supports the book of Genesis' historical details.

"Is Genesis History?" will be released in theaters for a day through Fathom Events on Feb. 23.

Last month, Ham criticized scientific studies, claiming that plants are "leafy cousins" of human beings. He contended that this belief is against the teachings of the Bible and only comes from "evolutionary religion."

In a Facebook post, Ham said plants were created to be food for humans and not their relatives. He slammed evolutionists' argument that plants do not have much distinguishing traits from humans, calling it an "absurd" belief.

Ham, the president of Answers in Genesis, said the world view based only on human standards is incorrect. While evolutionists claim that plants are "as alive as any animal," they do not have feelings. In light of the issue, Ham urged people to trust in God's word instead of man's teachings.

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