Ex-lesbian who turned to God and married a man receives death threats


An ex-lesbian who appeared in a ministry clip testifying how God's love and truth led her back to heterosexuality is reportedly now receiving death threats online after it went viral.

Emily Thomes recounts in the video how she dated another girl for the first time at age 15 and nearly married another woman at age 22.

She reasoned with herself at the time that God was so loving, He had no problem with people being gay, and that any Christian who challenged her sexuality was misinterpreting Scripture. 

"If you were truly a Christian, you were on my side. If not, you were legalistic and needed to reread what God was really about. Judge not. God being love meant God was nice and and God was chill with what you were cool with. By 18, 19, 20 I was super wild and in serial relationships with women." Thomes said, according to FaithWire.

After being invited to a Bible study, she had a powerful revelation and realized that she needed to be made clean by Jesus.

"I knew that God could do that for me too, and that I needed that. I could hold onto my sin and reject God, or I could turn to him," she said.

"All the debt that I'd racked up living like I lived, didn't have to be mine, if I could trust Him. So that was it. I knew what I wasn't going to do, because it was right there it was black and white.

"I'd twisted those Scriptures before, I'd argued them down. I said judge not to them like that mattered. And then, that day, it was like my eyes were really opened. I was amazed at the grace He showed me."

Thomes is now happily married to a man and expecting a baby.

Thomes's video, which was posted to Facebook by Anchored North and has been viewed over 2 million times, has sparked many comments, including some threatening and abusive.

One angry person wrote on Facebook: "If I had the means, I would come there and kill every last one of you! You people make me f-ck-ng sick with how you think and treat other people! I hope you, your family and your friends all die a slow and painful death!!!!"

Greg Sukert of Anchored North told the Christian Post that the death threats were "unsettling" and denied accusations of "brainwashing".

It is "incredibly dishonest and childish to dismiss someone's story and personal account as 'brainwashed' just because they disagree with the position of the individual," he told The Christian Post.