Facebook still censors Christian mom's page after apologizing for previous suspension

A Christian mother has complained that Facebook is still censoring her blog even after the social media giant already apologized for previously suspending the page when it quoted the Bible on a discussion about homosexuality.

(REUTERS / Rick Wilking)Computer screens display the Facebook sign-in screen in this photo illustration taken in Golden, Colorado July 28, 2015.

In a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Elizabeth Johnston said her fans told her that they could not access her Facebook page "The Activist Mommy." They also complained that they could not share nor like content on the blog.

"People are contacting me saying, 'I cannot access your page at all--my app shuts down when I click on your page,'" Johnston told CBN in the interview. "They say, 'I cannot share your page--there are no share buttons on your videos' or 'I cannot like your page--when I like your page and I go back the next day it is unliked.'"

Johnston previously accused Facebook of "muzzling" her and the Bible-based content she posts online. Her page has been suspended three times already because of her posts, the latest of which involved Bible verses that condemn homosexuality, Life Site News notes.

Johnston said Facebook took down the post in question and blocked her from accessing her own page and responding to private messages for three days. When her page was back online, she reposted the original content, but it was taken down again and she was suspended for another seven days.

According to Facebook, it removes any form of hate speech and verbal attacks on people's race, sexual orientation, nationality and ethnicity. The Christian blogger, on the other hand, has insisted that the deleted Facebook content contained no threats, harassment and name-calling.

In response to Johnston's latest complaint about censorship, a representative from Facebook told CBN News that they are already investigating the issue. The social media giant also reiterated that everybody is welcome to share all kinds of ideas on its platform.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured people that he does not want to "suppress political content" or other important issues. However, Johnston still thinks the social media giant is censoring viewpoints of Christians and conservatives.