Hollywood should bring more 'wholesome positive messages' to people, says 'God's Not Dead' film exec

("God's Not Dead 2" official website)Promotional photo for "God's Not Dead 2" starring Jesse Metcalfe and Melissa Joan Hart

A film executive calls for Hollywood to start producing more films with "wholesome positive messages."

In a recent "The Church Boys" podcast, Greg Gudorf, the CEO of Pure Flix Digital, said, "There's been a resurgence of faith and family oriented programming. People want that."

Pure Flix Digital is a subscription video-on-demand service from Pure Flix Entertainment, a Christian film production company, which brought blockbuster hits such as the 2014 film "God's Not Dead."

The film executive also laments that over a half century ago, viewers didn't have to worry about watching a film that was violent or did not have a positive message.

"You could watch whether you were 5 years old or 95 years old ... The amount of violence and other things that Hollywood has turned to in the name of entertainment and the impact that has and on our culture is really astounding — and it can be tracked," he said.

The sequel to the film titled, "God's Not Dead 2," is set to premiere on April 1. The film was given 4 out of 5 stars by Faith Driven Consumer. This indicates that the movie, which has been dubbed by Charisma News as "chillingly realistic, a wake-up call" will surely be a hit among audiences who are strong with their faith.

The film, with Melissa Joan Hart among the cast, is reported to tackle the issue of religious freedom in schools, which is actually a cause for recent contention among parents, students, teachers, and school administrators alike.

David A.R. White, one of the producers of the movie, told the Christian Examiner that they (the producers of the film) hope that it sparks a conversation among Christians and non-Christians about the practice of religion in schools.

"The movie deals with such pivotal foundation points for what we believe as Christians." he said.

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