'Hunter X Hunter' episode 361 release date, rumors, spoilers news: Creator's wife might take over show's upcoming episodes

(Facebook/HunterxHunter)Pictured is a "Hunter x Hunter" poster.

Series creator Yoshihiro Togashi's health condition has recently become the subject of both anticipation and trepidation among the fans of the anime adaptation of "Hunter X Hunter" as its status can either put it the anime into oblivion or on the other side, elongate the series' life with its much-needed new episodes.

Furthermore, the very health status of Togashi lately has sparked rumors that "Hunter X Hunter" might have already been canceled for good by the Weekly Shonen Jump publisher (Shueisha) and is awaiting an announcement from the show's team. Despite this, a looming hope is still attached to the anime version as rumor mills have let it out in the open that it might get picked up by its third season, which will also include a popular story arc from its source material.

Accordingly, the series might be set for its return in 2017. Previously, it was speculated that the show will be returning with a total of 26 episodes. Meanwhile, these episodes do not have story arcs yet and that no verifiable source has corroborated the speculation yet. On the other hand, it was heard through the grapevine that the anime might use the "Dark Continent" arc in its upcoming episodes.

For these episodes, it might also be possible that another creator might be filling the shoes for Togashi due to his health condition. Yibada has shared the Shueisha has hired new creators and has appointed Togashi as a consultant in order to veer the series away from cancellation. 

In addition, Naoko Takeuchi, the wife of Togashi, has reportedly picked up the development of the new chapter for "Hunter X Hunter." Takeuchi, a popular manga illustrator, is known for helping Togashi with the creation of the manga series of "Hunter X Hunter." Takeuchi is also famed for her internationally acclaimed "Sailor Moon," which broke records during the 1990s.