iOS 10 fourth beta news update: Beta testers, developers now testing fourth roll; iOS 10 tips and tricks revealed

(Reuters/Beck Diefenbach)iPhone 7 and the wireless airpods being displayed at the Apple press event in San Franciso, California last Sept. 7.

Apple has rolled out the fourth beta of iOS 10 to developers and for public beta testing. Apple has been rolling out its updates quite a bit as it comes one week after the third iOS 10.1 beta was released, and over a month following the public launch of iOS 10 itself.

Public beta testers can see what the upcoming operating system (OS) will bring by downloading the software through over-the-air means while registered developers can download their own beta either through over-the-air or via the Apple Developer Center.

Meanwhile, Apple users are crazy about the new changes that iOS 10 has featured. MacWorld wrote a few tips and tricks about how the operating system can further be enjoyed by the users, including a new home screen.

Obviously, the usual swipe-right-to-enter-passcode is already out and was replaced by other swipe gestures. Unlocking the phone can now be done by pressing the home button.

However, there are certain tricks on how to unlock the passcode without pressing the home button. This is done by accessing the device's Settings, choosing General and tapping Accessibility then Home Button. In there, the Rest Finger to Open option can be turned on or off.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable features of the new iOS 10 is the emojis found in Messages. Not many people have noticed, however, that the gun emoji was replaced by a more wholesome water pistol.

The gun emoji may have been out of the scene, but Apple have just programmed iOS 10 to display the water gun emoji even if the same code is used. This means, pre-iOS 10 devices should still see the old gun emoji on their screen even if a user sent them the water pistol. This also applies to those using Android devices.

Other interesting features that users can play around with are the sketch messages, collaboration of notes, organizing emails and more. While there are Apple fanatics sharing their own tricks about iOS 10, users may find it more enjoyable to discover the tricks by themselves.