ISIS news today: Christian hung and tortured with nails in Iraq for refusing to renounce Jesus

A Christian refugee from Mosul has revealed how Islamic State fanatics hung him upside down and tortured him with nails when he refused to renounce his faith.

Speaking to an indigenous ministry worker in Jordan, Carlos (not his real name) described how ISIS militants occupied their house and ordered him and his parents to convert to Islam or pay the jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims. When he refused to renounce his Christian faith, the jihadists brought him to an unknown location where he was hung upside down by one leg and tortured, Christian Aid relays.

(REUTERS / Ako Rasheed)Islamic State flags flutter on the Mullah Abdullah bridge in southern Kirkuk September 29, 2014.

"They tortured me by electric shock, beat me with sticks stuck with nails and bound me with barbed wire," said Carlos. "They put salt on my wounds. I was shouting from the intense pain."

The ISIS militants continued torturing Carlos until he appeared in court and was told by a judge to embrace Islam in order to save his life. However, he stood his ground and told the judge that he is willing to die as a Christian. He was later sentenced to execution via firing squad on Sep. 26, 2014.

On the day of his scheduled execution, Carlos was taken to the outskirts of Mosul, but the ISIS militants later threw him out of the vehicle after receiving orders from their leader to leave him there. He woke up in a hospital in Kirkuk, and he later sought treatment for his leg in Spain. Now residing in Jordan, Carlos is thankful that he can walk once again but said he has "nothing to live on" there.

Like Carlos, Rev. Majed El Shafie also endured persecution and torture because of his Christian faith. The priest, who now leads a human rights group, landed in a jail in Egypt for converting to Christianity and for establishing underground churches in the country, the Express reported last year.

One time, El Shafie said the prison guards repeatedly set a pack of dogs upon him, but he miraculously survived the supposed attack because the dogs did not touch him. He was later able to escape after he was placed under house arrest and sought asylum in Canada.

El Shafie told the Express that Christians will always be targeted for persecution. In light of the situation, he urged moderate Muslims to help curb the rise of extremism by speaking out against the extreme form of Islam that ISIS and other similar groups are practicing.

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