ISIS militants torture young girls who try to escape rape, says escaped Yazidi boy

(Reuters/Asmaa Waguih)A Yazidi refugee girl washes her tent at Sharya refugee camp on the outskirts of Duhok, Iraq, March 4, 2015.

Young girls held captive by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are tortured by the militants when they try to escape brutal rape, an escaped Yazidi boy revealed.

In a Skype interview arranged by Kurdish authorities with Fox News, a Yazidi boy who fled an ISIS training camp detailed his nine-month ordeal in captivity. Ahmed Amin Koro, 15, was able to safely cross the desert of northern Iraq and find refuge in a Kurdish-run camp.

Koro was only 13 years old when ISIS took over Mount Sinjar in August 2014. At first, the ISIS militants reportedly told them that they would not be harmed, but later the children were taken to the terror group's stronghold in Tal Afar and destroyed villages and buried men and women. Other witnesses said military-aged men were executed and the adults were given a choice between death and converting to Islam.

In the ISIS camp, children were awakened for prayers before sunrise, fed with scraps, and made to drink contaminated water. Koro said the Yazidi girls were taken away and sold as sex slaves to ISIS fighters. Young women sometimes lied and told their captors that their little brothers were their sons, in a bid to make themselves less desirable to the militants. However, they were beaten if an ISIS doctor found out they were lying after conducting a virginity test.

"The girls were covering their faces with dirt, trying to make themselves less beautiful," said Koro. "But if they were caught doing that they were beaten. They were all beaten and taken away. ISIS beat us too."

Recently, ISIS brutally executed 19 Yazidi women after they refused to have sex with their husbands, who are all ISIS fighters. Eyewitnesses recalled how the women were placed inside an iron cage and burned alive while hundreds of people looked on, Ynet News reports.

The 19 women who were burned that day were among the thousands that ISIS militants abducted when they conquered Yazidi territory in Iraq last year. The United Nations had pleaded several times with the group to release the women, and said the crime is a serious human rights violation.