'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date, latest updates: More details will be announced after the release of 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8'

(Kingdom Hearts 3 website)"Kingdom Hearts 3" gameplay screenshot.

Many fans are already impatient with the third installment of "Kingdom Hearts" since many years have already passed since "Kingdom Hearts 2" was released. However, there is a possibility that it will already be released since the developers are expected to make some announcements about the game after the launch of "Kingdom Hearts 2.8."

According to reports, the developers are still busy with "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" and this game will actually serve as a prologue for "Kingdom Hearts 3." It will feature some side stories about Aqua and also the history of other characters. The creator and director of the franchise, Tetsuya Nomura, has already given his word that more information will be released a few months from now.

There are speculations that the game's protagonist will undergo a lot of enhancements. Sora will also be able to upgrade his keyblade into a more powerful weapon and with this, more attacks can be executed by the player. As for the other main characters, Donald and Goofy will return to support their most beloved friend, Sora. The game has been known for its unique worlds and also the tie-up with Disney. This indicates that new worlds will be explored for the upcoming game and characters from Marvel, "Star Wars," "Big Hero 6" and "Frozen" may be included.

There are reports saying that the high-definition (HD) compilations of the franchise have a connection to the upcoming sequel and there are clues on what "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be about. Nomura explained that the box art of those compilation titles actually has significance to the franchise.

The director mentioned, "Extremely attentive Kingdom Hearts fans might have already discovered [the secrets], but one is that Sora's movements change from sitting, to standing, to walking," He continued saying, "One more is that when you line up the three illustrations, you'll notice that they show the flow of time with changes in the sky. [KH1.5] is sunset becoming night, [KH 2.5] is the middle of the night, and [KH 2.8] is night breaking into dawn."

There is no definite release date yet for "Kingdom Hearts 3," but it is expected to arrive in 2017.