Knights of Columbus announces $2M in humanitarian aid to Mideast Christian refugees

Catholic organization Knights of Columbus has revealed that it will donate $1.9 million to provide for the needs of the Christian refugees who have fled the atrocities of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

(REUTERS / Stoyan Nenov)Migrants line-up at a registration point after crossing the Macedonian-Greek border near Gevgelija, Macedonia, September 7, 2015.

On Tuesday, the Knights of Columbus announced an additional donation of $1.9 million to meet the needs of persecuted and displaced Christians in Iraq and Syria. Based on the Connecticut-based group's press release, the donation will help cover the costs of medical clinics in Iraq, relief in Aleppo, Easter food baskets in Kurdistan, and assistance for relief programs.

"A year ago, our country declared with one voice that genocide was occurring to Christians and other religious minority communities, but words are not enough," said Knights of Columbus president Carl Anderson in a statement made available to The Christian Post.

"Those targeted for genocide continue to need our assistance, especially since many have received no funding from the U.S. government or from the United Nations. The new administration should rectify the policies it found in place, and stop the de facto discrimination that is continuing to endanger these communities targeted by ISIS for genocide," Anderson added.

Sources have previously told the Post that a very small percentage of foreign aid sent to Iraq in the last few years is used to help the refugees victimized by ISIS. The funds are reportedly channeled through the Iraqi government and not directly to organizations that hold relief operations for the displaced minorities.

Last month, Knights of Columbus vice president of communications Andrew Walther appeared on a special edition of "Breitbart News Live" and lamented the way that Christian refugees appear to be overlooked by U.S. government aid programs. He also said that these displaced believers have not been receiving money from either the U.S. or the UN, Breitbart reports.

For Walther, the U.S. just did nothing after ISIS ravaged Iraq and Syria and caused a lot of people to flee their homelands. He accused the U.S. of not having a plan to help the ISIS victims and said there is already an opportunity for the situation to change.