KORN guitarist Brian Welch laments 'discouraging' criticism from conservative Christians

KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch finds it very discouraging when conservative Christians attack him for being part of a secular rock band and says believers should instead practice Christian love, he told Real Life Christian Church lead pastor Justin Miller in a recent interview.

(REUTERS / Danny Moloshok)Musician Brian Welch arrives at the 58th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 15, 2016.

Appearing on Pastor Miller's (a.k.a. "Pastor J") "Real Talk" talk show, Welch spoke about how he felt when conservative Christians slam him for being a member of a secular rock group which others deem as evil. The KORN guitarist admitted that he feels bitter every time he is criticized by fellow believers because of his career, Blabbermouth relays.

The publication notes that Welch left his career with KORN after he became a Christian in 2005. However, he decided to rejoin his rock bandmates after eight years.

Quoting the Apostle Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 13, Welch urged Christians to be patient and kind and not to be rude towards other people. For him, the people who keep on slamming him for being a rocker are "keyboard gangsters" who merely have the courage to lash out at him online but could not say their criticisms in person.

Welch admitted that he once had a similar mindset, and he even encouraged their KORN bass player to come with him and create their own music. However, he did not bash his bandmate, just like some people do to him online."

"So I get that. I wasn't bashing him like people do online, but I get that mindset, so I try not to get too mad," Welch told Pastor J. "But when they attack you, it gets really discouraging, and it's hard not to get bitter and mad at 'em. But I just try to encourage people to just zip it, man, 'cause if you're not loving, then you're missing it all."

Stating a similar point during an interview with The Christian Post in August, Welch explained that God sometimes lets people go through a long process before they finally yield to His will. While that process is still going on, he said believers should lead these people to Jesus and simply love them.

For Welch, Christians should just let God teach other people about the things they should let go of and when they should do it. He said it could take some time before these people finally let go of secular things, but Christians should be patient with them.