Lena Dunham hails 'Christian' abortionist as pro-choice hero

Writer, actress, and political activist Lena Dunham is applauding Dr. Willie Parker, who claims to be a Christian called to be an abortionist, and has hailed him as a "pro-choice hero."

(REUTERS / Carlo Allegri)Writer, director and star of the HBO series ''Girls'' Lena Dunham poses for a portrait in New York, April 5, 2012.

Reviewing Dr. Parker's new book titled "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice," Dunham expressed amazement at the abortionist's work for religious women who are afraid to undergo the procedure. She also revealed that she donated to Parker's abortion fund and urged her readers to also do the same to help women have access to abortion, Breitbart relays.

"I have been amazed by Dr. Parker's work: his heroism in comforting women who are, like him, religious and, unlike him, deeply afraid," Dunham says at Lenny Letter. "Parker ... travels the South performing abortions for women who would not otherwise have access due to changing laws and terrified doctors."

Despite accusations of black genocide, Parker says he loves black women and black babies. He said he is a feminist and explained that those who are most likely to think about abortion are "disproportionately poor and women of color."

Speaking to The New York Times in an interview, Dr. Parker said he decided to start performing abortions for religious reasons because he felt that he was unable to help the women who need the procedure. He said he had to convert from the usual "religious understanding" of abortion to another act which he felt was the right thing.

In addition, Dr. Parker gave a sneak peek into what his book says about abortion. He said he views life as a process rather than an event. He also said a fetus is only a "human entity" and not a person, and that he does not hold equal regard for fetal life and a woman's life.

While Parker clarified that he values both fetal life and the mother's life, he would prioritize the woman's aspirations over someone else's dreams for the fetus.

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