Lesbian mother fails to have Christian judge recused from divorce case

A lesbian mother from Alabama tried to get a Christian judge to recuse himself from her divorce case because the latter is a preacher who opposes homosexuality, but her request was denied by the Court of Civil Appeals on July 27.

(REUTERS / Ueslei Marcelino)A couple shows a wedding ring as they celebrate in Brasil August 13, 2011.

Earlier this year, Tiara Brooke Lycans asked trial Judge Shaunathan C. Bell twice to recuse himself from her divorce case against her husband Zachary Thomas Lycans, but the Christian judge refused to do so both times. The lesbian mother then filed a petition with the Alabama Court of Appeals, saying Bell has been an active preacher at a fundamentalist church and believes that homosexual relationships are against God's teachings, Alabama.com detailed.

Lycans argued that Judge Bell's views on homosexuality might influence his decision on child custory. However, the court denied her request to have the said judge removed from her divorce case.

The appeals court pointed out that Bell initially granted joint physical custody to the Lycans, which should alternate every week. The court also noted that the Christian judge made the same decision in two separate divorce cases involving lesbian mothers.

Reacting to Lycans' request, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins wrote a blog on July 31 criticizing the woman for not being satisfied with Bell's decision in two other cases similar to hers. He described her move as a form of intolerance.

In addition, Perkins said Christians are still capable of defending the rights of others and upholding the law, even though they believe in the Biblical teachings on marriage and sexuality. He said the Left is the one that is misusing the provisions of the U.S. Constitution to fit their agenda.

For Perkins, the incident involving Lycans and Judge Bell is just another effort to push people of faith out into the public square. He lamented that it is becoming acceptable to target Christians in such a manner, and said these efforts must be fought off aggressively.