Lidl under fire after removing cross in food package showing Greek church

German retail giant Lidl has drawn flak from shoppers after it digitally erased the crosses on top of a famous Greek church shown in the food packages of its Greek food range sold across Europe.

(REUTERS / Denis Balibouse)Logos are pictured outside a Lidl retail shop in Geneva, Switzerland May 2, 2016.

Last week, a shopper in Belgium got in touch with French TV station RTL to vent out her anger after she noticed that the crosses on top of the Greek Orthodox Church in Santorini were erased on a pack of Eridanous moussaka. The edited image also appeared on products in the United Kingdom and on a three-liter Lidl olive oil in Germany, Premier found.

One Twitter user called the removal of the Christian cross offensive, and another said it was "idiotic." Yet another netizen directly addressed Lidl in a tweet and said the picture only becomes disturbing if the cross is erased.

The Bishop of Worcester, Rt Rev John Inge, also released his own comment on the removal of the cross from the photo of the Anastasis Church. He slammed people who wish to "airbrush faith" from the public square and said the move was neither constructive nor sensible, Worcester News relayed.

In response to the backlash, Lidl issued a statement apologizing for the offense stirred by the edited Eridanous food packages. The German supermarket giant also assured customers that it would consider their feedback in its future package designs.

"We have been selling our highly popular Eridanous own-label range in Lidl stores across Europe for over 10 years now, and in that time the design of the packaging has been through a number of updates," Lidl said in a statement. "We are extremely sorry for any offence caused by the most recent artwork and would like to reassure our customers that this is not an intentional statement. In light of this we will ensure that all feedback is taken into consideration when redesigning future packaging."