Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, news: Next hybrid laptop-tablet unlikely to show up at the Oct. 26 Microsoft event

(Reuters/Brendan McDermid)Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is being tried with the Google glass at an event in New York back on May 20, 2014.

Even though there have been circulating rumors that the Oct. 26 Microsoft event is not just about the Windows 10 major update, chances are few to none that the much-awaited Surface Pro 5 will be present in the mentioned event.

Based on the invites sent out by Microsoft, the event will obviously focus on Windows 10. However, it has been reported too that an all-in-one (AIO) Surface desktop will be showcased in next week's affair. However, the inclusion of an AIO desktop on the Oct. 26 event is mainly for the purpose of demonstrating how the operating system (OS) update works its magic.

According to Tech Times, the Windows 10 will introduce services that will pave way for users to utilize their Microsoft accounts on desktops, notebooks, Windows-run phone, as well as on Android- and iOS-powered smartphones through Microsoft products installed on them.

The same report noted that analysts think that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 still leads the pack, which makes the Redmond-based company not in a hurry to release its refresh.

In fact, it has been earlier reported that Microsoft is probably waiting for some heftier components to be shipped and put into the next Surface Pro flagship. It is believed that Microsoft is taking its time to make sure that it will produce a Surface Pro 5 that will give all other notebooks and hybrid tablet-laptops a run for their money.

They are reportedly waiting for Intel's Kaby Lake processors to be shipped. The most awaited processing chip is slated for shipping by the end of 2016.

With a Kaby Lake, it will be so much possible for Surface Pro 5 to boast a smooth-sailing 4K display capacity. It will pave way for a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution display with ultra-high-definition (UHD) feature. To make it possible, Surface Pro 5 is expected to also be equipped with Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) Polaris-based graphics chip.

Surface Pro 5 is speculated to be priced $100 higher than Surface Pro 4's introductory price, which means it could be somewhere between $999 to $1,899.

If 2016 is not an option for the Surface Pro 5 launch, then, fans will have another year to speculate come 2017.