Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, rumors: Device might come out in June, October or first quarter of 2017

(Microsoft)screenshot of Microsoft Surface devices

The much anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to come out in June or any time in October. However, according to Modern Readers, October is a more reliable prediction because it signals the anniversary of the predecessor, Microsoft Surface Pro 4's, launch date.

Another speculation regarding the potential release date is in the first quarter of 2017. The Country Caller reported that the new Surface Pro 5 might be launched together with the upgraded Microsoft Windows software called Redstone. Incidentally, Microsoft is planning to introduce its Windows 10 upgrade at the start of 2017, so fans can predict that this new OS will be utilized in the new Surface Pro 5 too.

Looking at the historical data, the first Surface Pro was released in February 2013; the second was in October 2013; while the third Surface Pro was launched in June 2014; and the last model, Surface Pro 4, was introduced in October 2015. Based on this pattern, a June or October debut is sensible.

Meanwhile, price of the current model Surface Pro 4, has dropped significantly in the market. There is a $250 discount being offered now for this model, noted Yibada.

This huge discount led to speculations that the new Surface Pro 5 is about to be released real soon. Since the company is offering a huge discount for its current variant, this price drop suggests that the company is trying to deplete their inventory to make space for their new one.

Fans believe that the company is hoping to sell the old stocks so they can have space for the new variants which could be shipped very soon. The promo is valid until June 9, so despite October, being a more sensible release date, a lot of people also believe that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will be most likely released in June too.