Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumors, specs and release date news: Company may still enjoy Pro 4's market performance before releasing Pro 5

(Microsoft)A screenshot of Microsoft Surface devices.

There is no stopping Microsoft Surface Pro 5 enthusiasts from believing that the yet-to-be-confirmed laptop will get a release date soon.

Enthusiasts were disappointed with the news that Surface Pro 5 will not grace Microsoft's event in New York on Oct. 26. The All-In-One (AIO) Desktop will be appearing only because it is one of the devices used to demonstrate the latest Windows 10.

Despite this, rumors about the Pro 5 keep on surfacing. Most believe that the release is taking too long as the company is still waiting for the availability of the Kaby Lake processor, which is currently in its optimization process.

If this speculation is true, then the Surface Pro 5 will have a major improvement as compared to Surface Pro 4's battery life and overall performance. Kaby Lake processor is already hinting at impressive specs, including maximum delivery of performance without having to require huge battery power.

Aside from this, the Pro 5 is said to come out with two variants. The first variant is positioned as a baseline model with a 2K resolution display. The high-end version comes with a 4K resolution.

The Surface Pen is also anticipated to come with the next Surface Pro model. The new Pen will apparently come with a battery that can be charged wirelessly.

Under the hood, the device may boast a 15 GB of random access memory (RAM), which is similar to the current model. As written by iTech Post, the company may be attempting to keep as many features as it can from the Surface Pro 4 before it decides to launch the next model.

Due to this, the Pro 5 may not come out until 2017. One of the signs that enthusiasts are waiting for is the discounted price of Pro 4. It is usual for companies to offer their current models on sale prior to the launch of their new product.