Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs, features, release date news: Is Surface AIO Desktop delaying Pro 5's release?

(Microsoft website)Microsoft Surface Pro 4's successor may be released with the latest Kaby Lake processor.

This October will be an exciting month for all Microsoft fans as the company is about to dissect further its latest Windows 10 operating system (OS). Along with it is the company's announcement of the various hardware devices that would best carry out the features of the current OS.

The event will happen on Oct. 26 in New York City. As confirmed by Tech Times, the company will concentrate more on the recent developments of its hit console, Xbox, and latest OS, Windows 10.

Microsoft will reportedly present a more in-depth explanation of its cloud-based solution that Windows 10 boasts of. The particular feature works like Apple's iCloud as it also allows access to the users' Microsoft smartphones, desktops and other devices, as long as they all run on Windows 10.

Sadly, though, Microsoft may only show what Windows 10 can do for its Surface All-in-One (AIO) Desktop, instead of the much-anticipated Surface Pro device. However, this does not mean that the company will not release the next-generation Pro, according to iTech Post.

The Surface Pro line is one of the most commended devices in the market today, as opposed to the Surface Desktop, which is just relatively new. The publication noted that the latter would need as much promotion as possible, positioning the device as an alternative choice without being outdone by the Pro 5.

It could also be noted that the two-in-one devices do not have a high demand as compared to smartphones. Furthermore, the turnover of such devices is not as high as well. Hypothetically, users would stay with their device for at least a year before they consider replacing it.

Therefore, it is only understandable that Microsoft will have to choose the perfect time to release the Surface Pro 5, considering that the current model is still a hit in the market. After all, the Surface Pro 4 specs are still on par with the latest technology.

Nevertheless, Surface Pro 5 is expected to run on Kaby Lake processor, aside from a whopping 16 GB of random access memory (RAM) and other impressive features that the public will see eventually.