Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 release date, specs, rumors: Might arrive in 2017 with Kaby Lake, USB-C port, Redstone 2 update; Four new Surface devices arriving?

(Microsoft)The hybrid tablet "Surface Pro 4" of Microsoft was released October 2015.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was launched in October 2015, therefore many expected that the fifth-generation Surface Pro will be released more or less the same month this year together with the Surface Book 2. However, as noted by PC Advisor, it's unlikely for Microsoft to release the Surface Pro 5 less than 12 months after Surface Pro 4 was launched. Previous rumors claim that the device will arrive in 2017 and now, it looks like more than one new Windows Surface will be released on that year.

While visiting Microsoft, a developer tweeted a series of photos on the company's building 88. They show placeholders for what appears to be a Surface device with the words "2016" and "coming soon," as well as three devices with "2017" on them.

PC Advisor notes that October 2016 will be the likely announcement date of the new devices, which include the Surface Book 2. However, many are claiming that the launch will be in Spring 2017 due to rumors of Microsoft delaying the second part of its Windows 10 update until next year. The update is called Redstone 2 or RS2 and Microsoft allegedly wants to hold off on the launch until Redstone is installed in the new Surface devices.

If rumors of the delay were true, then aside from the Redstone update, the Surface Pro 5 will also come with Intel Kaby Lake processors, which will arrive later this year.

To give credence to the rumors, an exclusive MobiPicker report claims that the Surface Pro 5 will be released in Spring 2017 with Kaby Lake processors as well as 16GB random access memory (RAM). The device is said to come with an updated Surface Pen with a wireless and automatic rechargeable battery, 2K screen, a 4K model, USB-C port upgrade and camera upgrade. It's also expected that the price of the Surface Pro 5 will be the same as that of the Surface Pro 4, which starts at $899.

As for the Surface Book 2, the device's release date is expected to be the same as that of the Surface Pro 5, which is around Q1 2017. Rumored features include 500GB internal storage, up to 16GB RAM and 4K display.

While all of these details sound exciting, everything is still pure speculation at this point. Only time will tell when Microsoft will officially launch the device, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed for an early release.