Nashville authorities discover sex club inside church building

Undercover inspectors in Nashville, Tennessee have discovered a sex club operating inside a building registered as a church and located in a Christian-majority area.

(REUTERS / Harrison McClary)The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee June 19, 2013.

In March, two inspectors paid $40 each to enter The Social Club, which was located inside a building along Lentz Ave. in Madison which was registered as a church. On May 11, the Metropolitan Government filed a complaint against the owners of the building, seeking the permanent closure of the sex club, News Channel 5 details.

According to the complaint, Freedom 4 All, Inc. violated city ordinances and state law that prohibit the operation of a sex club near a school. The owners are therefore accused of "maintaining a public nuisance by permitting acts of lewd conduct" in the said building.

"They witnessed sex acts and other acts that indicated that the property was not being used as a church," said Metro's Zoning Administrator Bill Herbert.

"It doesn't look like they're trying to hide what's going on there," NewsChannel 5 Investigates told Herbert as it commented on the club's advertisements and late night activities. 

Ricky Perry, the head of nearby Goodpasture Christian School, sees the order as a victory for the community. He finds it incensing that the sex club was operating close to their campus and some churches in the area.

The club's lawyer, on the other hand, refused to comment and told NewsChannel 5 Investigates that he still has not seen the complaint. However, he still insists that the business in the building is a church.

In May 2016, The Tennessean reported that the zoning ordinance governing the location of sex-oriented clubs prompted The Social Club's attorney to announce that the organization will be moving to another location. He also said the property will be converted into a church.

At the time, the attorney said the members of the "church" do not hold any doctrinal beliefs aside from The Golden Rule.