New 'Beyond Good & Evil' release date news: Title is no sequel to the original but continues the story beyond

(IGN)Jade and Pey'j in a screenshot from the teaser trailer of "Beyond Good & Evil."

Following Ubisoft's announcement that the new "Beyond Good & Evil" is already being developed, news about its release has emerged. Apparently, the title will only be released for Nintendo NX.

A report from LetsPlayVideoGames claims that the title will be exclusively launched for Nintendo NX and is set to be released in the summer of 2018. This is allegedly disclosed by their Ubisoft source.

The source further reveals that the development team is looking at the game's direction and is aiming toward the partial retelling of Jade's original story from the first "Beyond Good & Evil" while featuring Pey'j's backstory as well. Then, the storyline continues until the conclusion of the original title.

The publication wrote that the developers intended to allow those who have not played the game to adjust to the new game accordingly. The new game will have subtitles instead of a number at the end of the game. Furthermore, it will allow players to understand the true identity of Jade and the intention of Pey'j.

Lastly, the development team aims to provide the much-needed closure that the original title did not provide and left fans wondering about its cliffhanger ending.

This should mean that the title will not be a direct sequel. While fans are upset about it, sources explained that the "the idea of modernising the original tale and fleshing out the world while continuing the story beyond where it once ended offers the series a better chance of an ongoing life than it previously had."

NintendoLife noted that Ubisoft's decision may be intriguing, but it actually makes sense as a long gap has been noted since the original game became available on systems like GameCube.

Also, it could be observed that neither developer Ubisoft nor game designer Michel Ancel mentioned the term "sequel" about the title. They simply put it as the new "Beyond Good & Evil."