'No Man's Sky' release date news 2016: Procedurally generated alien factions assist players; lore takes place of story

(Hello Games)Screenshot from "No Man's Sky" trailer.

"No Man's Sky" is well on its way toward its release this year and with more than 18 quintillion planets sitting in the game's universe and calmly waiting for players to set out in exploration, the game offers a brand new take into open-ended video gaming.

The game promises to not only host one of the largest videogaming environments for exploration, but it also offers factions to interact with as well.

In an interview with IGN back in July, Sean Murray, the director of indie developer Hello Games, revealed that the open-ended space exploration video game "No Man's Sky," would also show off alien factions that players could interact with if they happen to run across them in the game.

Procedurally generated, these factions would provide trading advantages as well as other benefits of allegiance if the player chooses to assist the factions, for example by defending them against attacks by enemies like a rival faction or maybe by pirates in the area.

Murray explained that he and his team at Hello Games had decided to have the factions procedurally generated in "No Man's Sky" since they have such large ground to cover.

"Factions are procedurally generated, because they have to fill such a large universe, but individual factions occupy what will feel like pretty huge chunks of space, so you'll get to know them well as you travel through. You'll actually be able to get a real sense of personality from them," the developer explained.

Murray also promised that in place of the storyline, "No Man's Sky" would have an existing lore to it as players both create their own stories while they explore the vast universe of the game. In a post on Play Station's blog, Murray explained that the team at Hello Games wants players to discover everything on their own and create their own paths in exploration.

"We don't' have huge cut scenes or a traditional linear story," Murray said. "There is however, real lore in the game."