NU golfer Justin Jennings puts Christian faith on display on golf course

NU golfer Justin Jennings is not ashamed to put his Christian faith on display before he starts each game because praying to God calms him down and reminds him of his calling.

(REUTERS / Toru Hanai (JAPAN))A golfer plays a shot at Accordia Golf's Narashino Country Club King & Queen Course in Inzai, east of Tokyo June 11, 2007.

People sometimes think that Jennings is napping when he closes his eyes to pray and takes in the moment. The Christian golfer said all he needs is 30 seconds of prayer to make him feel assured of what he is doing, The Daily Nebraskan relays.

"At the very end when I'm done with my warm up and before we start I say a prayer," Jennings shared. "Even if it is just 30 seconds it just calms me and I feel a little more assured with what I'm doing."

For Jennings, religion is an important part of his life even if his parents do not belong to the same denomination. His father is a member of the Church of Christ, and his mother is with the Catholic Church. While the NU golfer grew up as a Catholic, he later got baptized and decided to be with the Church of Christ.

Jennings' faith is not only seen within the walls of the church, but on the golf course as well. Each time he finishes his warm ups, using a separate golf cart, he prays while on his way to his first tee box. Nebraska coach Bill Spangler approves of this practice, saying it is a good way to calm oneself.

"I want to be a role model for people to find their way to the Christian faith," said Jennings. "To have that platform and be a good example to have that to point to is something I want to be known for."

Meanwhile, the Nebraska men's golf team is currently taking part in the Border Olympics this March 11 to 12 in Texas as they aim to surpass the 10th place finish they received during the Wyoming Desert Intercollegiate in California a few weeks ago.  

Jennings said he wants to keep improving both his short game and mental game. He said he will continue practicing his swing and the mental preparation he has been working on.