'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date news: Hero Blast among speculated villains

(Madhouse Studios official website)Saitama beating a monster to pulp with a single punch in a screenshot from "One Punch Man" season 1

Now that season 1 of "One Punch Man" has ended, it seems as if fans don't have to wait long for another punching dose of the smash-hit anime series by Madhouse. Season 2 of "One Punch Man" is coming out later this year.

In a report by The Gospel Herald,"One Punch Man" will be returning with a second season in November and will be serving up new villains for the punching pleasure of Saitama, the anime's main protagonist. One of these villains is Class A, rank 1 hero, Amai Mask, who is speculated to return to the series as Saitama's enemy. Another is an S-Class level hero, the former student of Silver Fan, Garou. Reports speculate that Garou, wielder of the famous "Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist" would be one of the main villains to herald the series.

Meanwhile, other reports suggest the debut of villain Hero Blast, a character whose name has been mentioned in season 1. There is little information about Blast aside from a short description in Wikia as an S-Class, rank 1 superhero for the Hero Association. There, Blast is featured to have black, spiky hair and a superhero suit with a fiery contour around the zipper. If not for the contour, the suit would have been very similar to Saitama's. Blast also takes his superhero duties as a hobby like Saitama does and rarely shows up at Hero Association meetings, hence, his absence in season 1 of "One Punch Man."

In a Reddit discussion online that has been ongoing in the past few months, some fans speculate that Blast may actually be Saitama himself. Just like Blast, Saitama is an S-Class, rank 1 superhero and shares a similarities with Blast in terms of costume and ideals. With Saitama's density as a character flaw, fans don't find it impossible for Saitama to be unaware about the Hero Association pegging him as Blast.