Perry Noble reveals struggle in believing that Jesus loves him

Pastor Perry Noble, who was fired from NewSpring Church because of his alcohol dependence, revealed that he finds it difficult to believe that Jesus loves him because of all the bad things he has done in the past.

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In a Facebook video titled "One of the Hardest Things for Me to Believe," Pastor Noble said he has no problem believing in Jesus' love for other people. However, he has trouble believing that Jesus loves him even though he grew up singing, "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so," The Christian Post relays.

Noble highlighted some of the stories in the Bible about "difficult" people who Jesus still loved, which include David who committed murder, Peter who denied Christ and Thomas the Doubter. Despite these biblical examples, Noble said he still finds it very hard to believe that Jesus loves him.

"The reason I have a difficult time believing that Jesus loves me, is because I know all of the stupid, foolish, sinful things that I have done," said Perry on his Facebook video on Sunday. "Not only that, but I also know the stupid, foolish, sinful things that I have thought about doing, but haven't done."

Nevertheless, Noble said he received encouraging messages from many people who affirmed that God loves him. For the disgraced minister, those messages gave him hope amid his despair.

In light of that realization, Noble dropped a word of encouragement for people who think they have stepped beyond their limits because of their sins. He said Jesus wants them to change and that they do not have to work to earn Christ's love.

Earlier this month, Noble returned to the pulpit to speak to worshippers at Charlotte's Elevation Church. The opportunity to once again preach after his fall from grace came after Pastor Steven Furtick invited him to speak at the church, The State reports.

In a Facebook post, Noble said he never thought he would get to preach again after he was fired from NewSpring in July 2016. For him, the experience was tantamount to a dead person coming back to life through the power of Jesus.