Pope Francis reiterates Catholic Church's commitment to protecting migrants

Pope Francis has reiterated the Catholic Church's commitment to protecting migrants in his letter to the President of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament during its 33rd General Assembly.

(REUTERS / Alessandro Bianchi)Pope Francis reacts as he conducts his Sunday Angelus prayer in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican, February 1 2015.

In his letter addressed to Parlatino president Ms. Blanca Alcala that was dated June 7, Pope Francis discussed the importance of reality, dialogue, and commitment in dealing with migration. The pontiff said the assembly aimed to create a more dignified life for the people who were forced to flee their homeland due to security issues, the Vatican Radio detailed.

Talking about reality, Pope Francis said each migrant is a human being who has his own past and culture, and that interacting with them helps cultivate an understanding that they carry scars that may be related to migration.

The pontiff also highlighted the role of dialogue in fostering "solidarity with those who have been deprived of their fundamental rights, as well as to increase willingness to accommodate those who flee from dramatic and inhuman situations." He said people need each other to develop effective strategies to accommodate refugees.

Lastly, Pope Francis once again called for an end to human trafficking. The pontiff insisted that people should not be treated like things or commodities because they bear God's image. He also encouraged governments to protect migrants living in their countries.

"I reiterate the commitment of the Catholic Church, through the presence of the local and regional Churches, to responding to this wound that many brothers and sisters of ours carry with them," the pope said.

During Pope Francis' meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella on June 10, he applauded the country's efforts to welcome refugees. He included international terrorism and migration among the topics he covered in his public address, Breitbart reported.

The pope happily noted that the country's citizens and institutions opened their doors to migrants and turned the problems into "opportunities for growth." He said Italy has used its generosity to respond to the main problems that Europe is facing, and this move is proof of the country's commitment to promote international peace, security, and unity.