Pope Francis urges France's new president to strengthen country's Christian roots

Pope Francis is praying that God will support France's new president Emmanuel Macron and urged him to strengthen the country's Christian and spiritual roots.

(REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)French President Emmanuel Macron wears a Paris 2024 pin and waves goodbye after a meeting with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission at the Elysee Place in Paris, France May 16, 2017.

In a telegram sent to President Macron on May 16, Pope Francis offered well wishes for the new French leader. The pontiff also expressed his hope that the new president will take into consideration the situation of the vulnerable and support France's Christian traditions, Crux relays.

"I pray that God support you so that your country, faithful to the rich diversity of its moral traditions and its spiritual heritage marked also by the Christian tradition, may always endeavor to build a more just and fraternal society," Pope Francis said in his telegram for Macron. "With respect for difference and attention to those in situations of vulnerability and exclusion, may it contribute to the cooperation and solidarity between nations."

In addition, the pope wished that France will continue to support efforts to sustain peace and uphold respect for life. He then called on the country to defend every person's dignity, and ended the message by pronouncing God's blessing on Macron and all those living in France.

Macron became France's youngest elected president after he defeated Marine Le Pen during the presidential elections on May 7. The new French president, who took office on May 14, is known for his strong Catholic background and has reportedly declared his support for the freedom to practice one's religion "with dignity."

At the start of his presidency, Macron promised to strengthen the European Union, reform French politics, and to unite his divided country. The young French leader is expected to appoint a prime minister soon, The Associated Press reports.

In his inaugural speech, Macron called on France to rise from its decline and to overcome the factions in their society. He said the world is expecting their country to be "strong, solid, clairvoyant." The young French leader also vowed to address the crises that have overtaken the country, including migration, climate change and terrorism.