Port Angeles pastor to go on 1,300-mile 'Olympic trial of torture' for a good cause

A pastor from Port Angeles in Washington is getting ready to embark on an "Olympic trial of torture," which involves running, cycling, and kayaking around the state to raise money that will benefit orphans and widows.

(REUTERS / Jason Redmond)The Shell Oil Company's drilling rig Polar Pioneer is shown in Port Angeles, Washington May 12, 2015.

Mended ministries' pastor Joe DeScala feels that he is done talking and now has to "lead by example" to inspire others. The Port Angeles preacher is planning to go on an unusual mission on June 24 which will expand his physical, mental, and spiritual limits, KING-TV reports.

Pastor DeScala was inspired to go on the unusual mission after a 46-year-old cousin unexpectedly died in October and left a wife and five kids behind. That was the time that he started thinking about other people going through the same thing and wondering about their needs. While running on the Waterfront Trail, he said he heard God speaking to him about stepping away from his place behind the pulpit and venturing into unfamiliar territories, Peninsula Daily News details.

"You kind of feel this sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. You just don't know what to do," DeScala told KING-TV in an interview. "I literally heard God say he wanted me to pray a circle around the state of Washington. I was thinking it would be from my couch in my living room."

Like in an "Olympic trial of torture," the Port Angeles pastor will have to cover 70 miles a day to visit churches, talk to people in pain, and raise funds for orphans and widows. There will be times when he will have to run a distance similar to that of a marathon's and afterwards go on a 20-mile kayak trip. There will also be instances when he will be on his bike.

DeScala's mission starting June 24 is no walk in the park, so he said he will try to focus on his task and not think about the area that he still has to cover. He wants to let people know that someone is praying for them.

Pastor DeScala estimates that it will take him around 34 days to complete his prayer circle around Washington. The fund for orphans and widows which he launched is now open for donations, with the initial goal of raising $10,000.

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