Radical Muslims persecute Christians in Egypt

Coptic Christians are currently being persecuted and are suffering from various religion- motivated attacks by radical Muslims in Egypt.

Various human rights groups have been voicing out their concerns on the evident rise in violence against the Coptic Orthodox Christian community in Egypt. They are also speaking out on the apparent lack of protection and support coming from the police and the Egyptian government.

(Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)Egyptian Muslims and Christians celebrate Coptic Christmas eve mass, at Tahrir Square in Cairo. January 6, 2013.

According to Mina Thabet, the program director for minorities and vulnerable groups with the Egyptian Commission of Rights and Freedoms, persecution against Coptic Christians has been "escalating in a very short time."

Reports indicate that even young children are being attacked by the angry radical Muslims. Susana Khalaf, 11, publicly spoke out and told the story of how her family's home in the village of Kom El Louf in the city of Minya was burned to the ground by their Muslim neighbors. Khalaf's family was attacked over suspicions that their house was being used as a church. 

"I was terrified. I saw men pour petrol on bundles of wood and throw them on our roof. When it began to fall on us, my father dragged us out," Susana Khalaf said. 

According to Susana's father, Ibrahim, Christians are even being threatened if they refuse to withdraw their police reports against the Muslim villagers who perpetrate the violence. 

"We are told," he said, "'if you don't agree there will be blood. You have daughters who can be kidnapped. The security services won't stay in the village forever to protect you.'"

This is only one of many reports of Muslim mobs burning the houses of Christians in different villages across Egypt. The radical Muslims are trying to prevent Coptic Christians from establishing a church where Christians could gather and worship. In addition, other Christians are being beaten and threatened for practicing their faith.